Unable to preview sounds the halion screen?

I opened a vst instrument rack - halion sonic sse

created a midi track , the output is linked to HSSE .
Clicked on edit instrument to open the HSSE screen.
There are 16 slots , I can only listen to slot 1 (the one that is linked to the midi track) .
if i load a sound to any other slot i cant listen to it , not while auditioning and not after just clicking on it and playing my midi controler.

Why cant i work on sounds within the HSSE without opening a midi track for every slot?


what you can do it whether change the MIDI channel in your MIDI or Instrument track in Cubase or change the MIDI channel in the MIDI tab in HALion Sonic SE for the individual slot. The keyboard controller is routed through Cubase, so you have to change one or the other MIDI channel in order to play more than just the first slot in HALion Sonic SE.

I see .
Thought there was another way.
Thank you sir :mrgreen:

I usually create multiple midi tracks for a multi instrument, such as HALion, GA or my Korg M1… Then I link the midi channels to their appropriate tracks in the instrument. Save as template and next time my instrument is ready to go with all midi channels set up…