Unable to print in Duplex

I have this problem trying to print in Duplex Mode on my Epson ET-16500.(Dorico Pro 2.2, MacOs Mojave 10.14.3) When I want to print A3 spreads or booklets in Duplex Mode, Dorico does NOT provide the ability to print both sides automatically, although the Epson is a Duplex printer.
I takes a lot of time to first make the booklet PDF’s, then afterwards print them all from Preview; that’s the workaround so far, but I’ld love a better solution for this.
Can somebody help me out?

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with duplex printing. Provided your printer reports to the operating system that it has duplex capability, the option should work in Dorico. If you’re currently using Epson’s own driver for the printer, can you try updating to the latest available version, and perhaps also try using the macOS standard driver that’s compatible with the printer to see if that helps?

Thank you. So far it seems that Epson’s driver is not sufficient, although they denied of course speaking to them on the phone. I know an issue when I see one: since Dorico is by far not the only program that has issues recognising the printer’s capabilities to print duplex, I can only conclude that the MacOs and the driver are having problems understanding each other.