Unable to purchase, cannot reach local support

Hello, not the most interesting thing to post here, but, today, very exited, I tried to finally purchase my updat from nuendo 11, but something seems to be wrong on the shop. Tried like 6 times, all the data in the cards and bank verifications go right, but on the steinberg store it says the purchase failed…please try again, once it stated please contact client asistance… its in spanish so is not exactly client ssistance… I can check again, but the thing is … its not working, and I was wondering how to get assisted. :slight_smile:
then i Check with the distributor for my area listed on Steinberg web… and the number figures as non valid when you dial it. so…
Im here ready to pay and go on to upgrade, but need some help, because I checked everything and there seems to be some mistake on the shop’s side.

Hi @modiolo, one user used a different payment method which solved it in their case.

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Any progress? I dont use PAYPAL and I am trying with an international credit card… @steve Steve, Tried to ask for online shop support, but when I tried to log, I was logged in last time a year ago when I crossgraded from cubase 11, and something happens with the password, so I tried to re stablish my password, and Im not getting anything to my email… believe me this is the least of my interests too.

I’m really sorry, I don’t work for Steinberg, so I can’t see your emails, logins etc. in order to help you.