Unable to re-color multiple imported tracks all at once

I just upgrade to Cubase Pro 10.5

Mac OS 10.12.6

  • I tried out the new import tracks from another project function
  • Imported 10 instrument tracks from another project
  • Select/highlight all 10 instrument track
  • Select color in color panel (no midi/audio regions selected, only the tracks/track names)
  • The color remains at default color and didn’t change

I am able to change colors individually, but not in a multiple selected situation.
I am able to change colors of tracks that are created within the project.

Perhaps a bug in the new functionally update?

Thanks for looking into it.

Same here …

Confirmed here as well

Confirmed here also.

Saving, Quitting and relaunching opens the project with the imported tracks displaying the previously attempted color. But, they are still immune to color changes like the first time they were imported

Edit: Ive trashed my preferences. On the first run still wont color multiple imported tracks. After saving quitting and reloading all works normally.

What Ive noticed is taht on the first run the track color pallete gets mismatched/stuck- if you control-clock the header ot the track there is a different pallete that the one in the menu in the toolbar (in my case i have chosen 24 colors in color presets, but track colors show 32 colors)- when restarting cubase it set itself correctly.

Newly added ones here also color normally.

Another update: This happens to me also on some of the older projects i try to open and change som of the track colors. - i guess there is some confusion between old/new color pallete. Saving and restarting solves the issue.