Unable to recall saved patch on synth via Inter App Audio

Hello all,

I’m new to Cubasis, but not new to Cubase. I am trying to understand Inter App Audio utilization with synths. I understand I can open a new MIDI track and pull in the audio from a synth (like Cube, etc) and set my patch and record MIDI. But, when I close the project and reopen it. It doesn’t recall the patch that was assigned on the synth like a Cubase project would with a VST (or like the supplied Micrologue synth). Am I missing something here, or is this simply how Inter App Audio works? Or can it work? If so, could anyone help me make it so my project can save this information that would be great! Thanks in advance!!


It’s a pity, but yes. It’s how inter app audio works. But there are some audiobus apps which support state saving. http://audiob.us/apps/

But I don’t know much about Audiobus yet. A few days ago I had the same question.

That’s the reason why Steinberg should really integrate new instruments.

Ah! Gotcha’. OK, I might give Audiobus a try. Thank you for the link and the info. Yes, agreed they should really integrate more instruments. For versatility sake at least. I just wonder with Audiobus if I’d still have the track view that I would with Micrologue or would I be in the synth’s native interface with that weird IAA Record function. Also, I am assuming using IAA and Audiobus I would not have the capability to save parameter automation as I can with Micrologue?? I like being able to fiddle with Osciliators and LFO’s and have automation record the information. I am assuming this is not possible with either IAA and Audiobus?

Thank you very much!

Hi desertpeaks,

A basic introduction about Cubasis and Audiobus can be found in this tutorial (starts around 6:10 min):

Please note that Audiobus has changed quite a bit since then (including total recall options etc.)

I’d suggest to give YouTube a quick search for both Cubasis and Audiobus (e.g. thesoundtestroom has loads of clips online) to learn more about the current workflow and available options.

Hope that helps,



Thanks Lars! That helps a lot! I will experiment with Audiobus tonight!

Thanks Melodyshine for the link!