Unable to recognize that files are missing

Firstly, hello everybody! I shifted to Cubase pro 10 from ableton recently and this is my first post. There are still many things that I’m trying to figure out, so please pardon me if I missed out anything. I post because I couldn’t find any threads on my query. (Macbook Pro User)
I encountered an issue today with regards to audio pool. I had a few files on an external SSD drive that my project was accessing and unfortunately, I accidentally disconnected the external drive. Obviously, those particular tracks in the project stopped playing. I thought I would get an alert about missing files which I could then address by pointing cubase to the original file path (Like I would in ableton). However, I did not. Moreover, on connecting the drive back and opening the audio pool, I noticed that Cubase had changed the path of the aforementioned files to a new place - Mac/Volumes.
When I tried to manually redirect the path by clicking on “Media–> Find missing files” , I received a “No files missing” dialogue. How do I go about pointing Cubase to the correct files? Is this a bug or am I missing something? I’m attaching a snapshot of the pool (The “AGT BODY” files are the ones I’m missing)
This also made me wonder- Is there a way in general in Cubase where I could replace a sample file used in the project (Hot swap in ableton) so as to not change any edits on the sample in the project, placement in the project, etc.

Thanks in advance!


To me it looks like the files has not been loaded from the external drive. Maybe you enabled to copy the files to the project folder, once you imported them.

In any case, you can right-click to the file in the Pool and choose Reveal in Finder, so you can see, where the file is. You would also see it in the Path column, which seems to be not eight enough to see the whole path.

I do not have “copy files to the project folder” enabled. It automatically changed the path of the audio file when the external disk got disconnected.



Have you tried this, please?