Unable to record from Groove Agent

I have the Cubase LE/AI version and upgraded with the elements 8 on a windows 7 PC. I cannot record tracks from the groove agent or the halion sonic SE. The instrument track recognizes the input and the meter responds as well and the track turns red when I hit the record. But nothing records. The recording track that begins when you start recording is grey and shows no instrument inputs, and then disappears when you stop the recording. I have used the Power Tools for Cubase and the steps outlined in the book give the same result. Is this a limitation of the program? If so, do I have to upgrade to Artist to be able to record from these?



Groove Agent and HALion Sonic SE are Instrument tracks. You will not record an Audio signal, but MIDI data. What MIDI Input do you use? What MIDI device do you use?

I’m seeing this also Cubase 12 Pro on Groove Agent SE 5. I expected to see the midi data in the track and hear it on playback but nothing. I’m used to recording audio tracks only; my first time trying an instrument track.

All depends what you want to record : if you are using a MIDI controller to play GA SE5, you should select, in the Input Routing setting of the track instrument inspector, the relevent MIDI port (or All MIDI inputs, if the MIDI port used is included in it - see in the Studio > Studio setup > MIDI port setup panel, to be sure of this) :


But if you want to record one of the GA SE5 bundled patterns, you should use its MIDI output as Input routing instead and, after having activated the recording, launch the pattern playback :


Additionaly, GA SE5 allows you also to drag a pattern in the Arrange view : this will create a MIDI track already routed to GA SE5, with the chosen pattern appearing as a MIDI part.

Thank you so much cubic13! I am new at this so didn’t realize about setting the input to GA SE5.


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