Unable to record guitar

Hi all,

I’m having what appears to be a common issue going by my searches on other threads. I have a Steinberg ur12 unit and am using Cubase AI 9.5 . I have updated drivers and firmware on the Steinberg unit.

I have correctly mapped the mono inputs and am using mono port 2 for my guitar. I am able to hear my guitar through my headphones perfectly well. I can select drum loops for example and hear them being played back through my output speakers perfectly well. I have been able to use audacity to record my guitar and then import that WAV file in to cubase and I can hear that perfectly well.

What I can’t do however is record my damn guitar!! I have watched numerous videos on it. I have made sure to select the correct mono input 2 and the output for the speakers. I have pressed the record and monitor buttons. I have checked the mixer but get no signal coming through. When I try and play the guitar, nothing records.

It looks so simple on the videos but it seems the only way I’ll be able to do what I want is to use audacity to record my guitar and vocal parts, then import then into cubase to add drums and bass and mix it.

Seems so stupid. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?? I’ve read many other threads and done the suggestions all to no avail.



1st post. Welcome! :wink:

The info you stated seems like all is well but, of course, it’s not.

As a start, it would be good if you provided some screen shots of your VST audio system, VST connections (I&O buses), your project window with the inspector open showing your I/O buses on the audio track and showing which buttons are activated (like the record enable and monitor buttons) on the track itself.

The issue is probably very simple. You say you have the track “record enable” and “monitor functions” enabled. But when recording, have you actually pressed the “record” button on the transport? Heck… it could be that something is set to “Mute”. Volumes not high enough, etc.

Basically, the answer will be in the details. So provide/describe all that you can. BTW… what computer OS?

Regards :sunglasses: