Unable to record / hear audio

I apologize in advance for the long history, and perhaps, off-topic issues, but I hope that more information instead of less will help.

I have a HP Pavilion, running XP Pro (SP3 updated) 1 Gig RAM, Asus motherboard.

For 5-6 years I’ve been running an M-Audio Firewire 410 with Sonar 3.

Several weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to update general drivers…Firewire, USB, Realtek, etc. Suddenly the computer wouldn’t recognize the m-audio interface. After HOURS of trying different restore points, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, I gave up and bought the Tascam US 800 that came with Cubase.

I downloaded the latest driver from Tascam and installed the interface and Cubase. The 800 is recognized and active in setting up both input and output busses. I can record MIDI from an ancient Ensoniq mirage keyboard. I can hear music from the demo / tutorial projects. I can not, however, record (or hear) audio. I think that I have set up the busses correctly. I can see the meter moving in the transport panel but not in the mixer panel.

So I decided to postpone my learning of Cubase and continue to record projects with Sonar. Which seemed to be going well until suddenly I couldn’t hear any sound from my computer. And, as it turns out, the computer wasn’t recognizing the Tascam 800. So I reinstalled the Tascam drivers. I could then hear sounds again. But now, when I try to load previous Sonar projects, Sonar just crashes.

So now I can not record music in Cubase or load any of my projects from Sonar. After hours of playing computer engineer instead of musician, I’ve become incredibly frustrated…which has stressed out the dog after several loud outbursts.

Again, I apologize for the long history and references to (gulp) competition software…I’m just hoping that some person smarter than me can assist in my transition back to musician and relax an anxious canine.


The Getting Started Manual for Cubase shows exactly how to set up audio and MIDI. If that doesn’t sort it, then contact Sonar or Tascam.

I guess that’s my issue. I sat down with the manual on my laptop right next to the desktop and tried setting everything up word by word. But I must be missing something. For example, the manual states to set the “count” to 1, but it doesn’t tell me what the “count” is or why.

Perhaps someone’s has experienced similar issues and knows the solution.

“Count” has absolutely nothing to do with your issue, you’re on the wrong track. What did the Sonar people say?