Unable to record Midi Broomstick Bass??

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Please forgive me, I am completely new to this, but it is driving me completely mental. I have spent about 4 days trying to record anything from Broomsitck Bass into Cubase 4 LE. I am guessing this can be done by not using a physical MIDI controller, because sadly I don’t have one?

I have a number of VST’s installed and they all work fine, add instrument track, select VST, arm track and press record. Super trooper. Everything appears to work well with Broomstick Bass, but unfortunately nothing appears to record (the play back is fine though). I have tried recording through an instrument track, midi track, Audio Track, but all alas to no avail.

Do any of you kind chaps (or chapettes) have a clue where I am going wrong, because I am obviously doing something remarkably stupid.

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You need to create an event on an Instrument track that’s loaded with BB, double-click on it to open the Key Editor and then write in “notes” to trigger BB.

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply very much appreciated. Yey it works, its a very disappointing way of recording particularly for what is otherwise a great VST. The problem I have now is that after I have added notes (or even 1 note) within the key editor the track plays endlessly, even after the song has ended. Any ideas how to record so it just plays the beat for the length of the “recorded” section of audio track (i.e little grey box containing the sound file).

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Actually I have just realised that none of my VST instruments actually record. I have EZdrummer which only records the track if I use drag and drop, otherwise it appears to be exactly the same problem that I have with Broomstick Bass. The only sound I have actually managed to record in Cubase is my guitar (which incidentally was very easy). Cubase why do you hate me sooooo.

Your understanding of how it all works is the issue.

If BB has MIDI patterns, you drag and drop them to Instrument tracks to build a song and then use that MIDI data to trigger the VSTi loaded on the Inst. track and thus “play” the part. This needs to be Exported to get an audio track, if desired.

You either need a MIDI controller to record MIDI data to a MIDI track, program a MIDI part in one of the Editors, or drag and drop grooves to the track. You can’t record from a VSTi’s GUI or the keyboard in the Key Editor.

“Your understanding of how it all works is the issue.”
Ha, you aint wrong sir. This is my first go at home recording, so yeah, i’m pretty clueless to be honest.

Many thanks for your reply because it has definitely clarified a couple of things. Obviously in Broomstick Bass there is no option to export, so I think I just got confused by checking out a YouTube video tutorial showing how to record Broomstick Bass through the GUI (he wasn’t using Cubase though).

Thanks for all your help