Unable to record/playback an audio signal


I’ve upgraded to Cubase 8 Elements. I’m running a Roland RD-300GX Keyboard into a Korg PA3X Arranger keyboard. The Korg is then connected to Steinberg UR242 interface by “guitar cables” and I can also run midi. At the moment, the Korg is connected by USB to the desktop for Midi. The Steinberg UR242 interface is connected to my desktop running 64 Bit Windows 10.

I have the Korg PA3X Midi Driver installed
I have the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver installed
I have ASIO4all V2 Installed
I have a generic low latency ASIO Driver installed.

I cannot get Cubase to pick up an audio output from the keyboard. At times, the volume bars indicate there is a signal but there is never any sound. I was able to record midi but that’s now stopped as well. I can hear pre-recorded midi tracks no problem. If I select ASIO4all olr Generic ASIO driver, I can hear the output from the keyboard but Cubase won’t record it.

Can anybody help me use this equipment that I’ve spent so much money on to record something…

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

So the good news is that I now have the midi channel for the Korg through the Steinberg UR242 working. I mentioned previously that it had been working and then stopped so I started the configuration from scratch and it is now working. So all good there. (I’m using Midi cables from the keyboard into UR242 and then USB connection to the computer. I’ve got the Korg Midi driver loaded on my computer and everything seems happy).

So my only problem now is the fact that Cubase is dropping the audio signal when I boot Cubase. So when I turn on the computer and keyboard, I can hear both keyboards through the computer speaker output. As soon as Cubase gets to the front menu, the sound drops out. My VST input devices are as follows and have the following issues:

ASIO4ALL/Generic Low Latency Asio Driver - Will allow me to hear the keyboard but Cubase shows no evidence of picking up any sort of signal.

Yamaha Steinberg USB Asio - No output signal or sound but there is evidence that it is picking up an input (volume bars moving).

Feedback on your options above is as follows:

  1. I think this is setup properly.

  2. As the audio channel has never worked properly, rebooting the keyboard has no effect so I think we can rule this out.

  3. I’m assuming the right ASIO driver is the “Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver” but this is the one I’m having trouble with.

  4. Midi is working. Does the same logic apply to an audio signal?

  5. I actually thought of this too and have now got the Roland keyboard running into the UR242 directly. Made no difference…

So it is unlikely that both keyboards are malfunctioning. I guess the other possibility is that the UR242 is not working properly as nothing has worked properly since I plugged it in out of the box however, when Cubase is not running I can hear the keyboard fine, so I guess its not that…I think we need to rule out the ASIO driver first. Would welcome any other options you can think of. It seems to me that the UR242 came with the “Yamaha Steinber USB ASIO driver” but which is Cubase’s standard driver and where would I find it?

Any ideas? I feel we are getting close! Thanks!

Ok so now you are as stuck as me. Thanks for trying! Just to close the loop. I don’t have a midi problem. Midi is working fine. Its an audio issue. I can hear the audio fine. Then I turn on cubase and then it stops working… to make matters worse, I use to be able to record Audio fine using a different interface and an earlier version of Cubase…

Anybody else got any ideas?