Unable to register the software

Hey there,
yesterday I purchased Cubase Elements 9 Through online shop.
I installed both the software and the elicesner
I provided both of them with the code, and followed all the instructions.
No matter what I did, the software recognizes the code but does not continue to register the software.
When I go into the ‘mysupport’, there is no option to communicate with the support.
I’m very frustrated - can you send me an email address where I can finally get support ?

Hey suede,

Did you already create an account at Steinberg? https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=9073&L=1

If so, did you register your eLicenser online on your account page?
If you entered the Activation Code on the eLicenser, then you should see Cubase Elements on it when you launch the eLicenser software program.

If you do see it there, and you’ve created your steinberg account, and you’ve registered your eLicenser on your account page.
Then launch the eLicenser program from your computer and under the Actions Menu select “Maintenance” to force sync/update the information with your Steinberg account.

Then try launching Cubase Elements 9 again. You shouldn’t have any prob’s after that.

If you still need to contact the support team, you should be able to email them through your account page. There is an email address but I believe you should access it through your account page as opposed to asking for it here.

Hope that helps