Unable to remove flow number in flow heading

As usual, the solution probably is staring and shouting at me. But alas.

I have a project with {@projectTitle@} and {@projectSubtitle@} included in all master pages. I would also like to include the {@flowTitle@}. But I would like to omit the {@flowNumber@}.

I enter the Flow headings editor on the Default template and remove {@flowNumber@} and the following full stop, leaving only {@flowTitle@} in the frame. However: the Apply button remains grayed out. I can’t apply the change I’ve made.

I can’t find an option to turn off the numbering in any option. Not in Layout options, not in Engrave options, and I could not find any option in the Project info window or in the Flow panel in Setup mode.

Of course, I can skip the flow heading all together and just create a text frame. So in the end I am really just curious to know whether it is possible to apply the change I mention – removing {@flowNumber@} from a flow heading – to do it “the right” way.

You’re going about it the right way. Off the top of my head, Dorico might be expecting you to click outside the text frame (in the Flow Heading editor) once you’ve finished editing it.

… and that’s all there is to it. Thanks, pianoleo. The silly thing is that I sometimes forget this when performing other edits in the Master pages, and then I remember, “oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot”. But in this case I never got there.

Thanks again.