Unable to remove Guitar Clean sound with Overdrive Plugins in Global Stacks

Hello Support: I am using 3 Neural DSP Plugins in VST Live Pro 1.1.70 in Globals Stacks.
With an Overdrive sound, I always have this Clean guitar in parallel and it’s ugly. In the Mix console I Mute Input 1 or and connected my guitar, the sound decreases but there is still a residual clean sound, I only want to hear my plugin. I tried the other options with the mix but nothing worked. with another software that manages plugins (Kushview Elements) I don’t have this problem.
Can you help me understand phantom routing.
Dropbox ScreenShoot : https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/qfuzi12sazqxjjcbt51ne/h?dl=0&rlkey=i2ef5u4m3p68oo62gcec1hoif
Thanks for your help.
Have a nice day.
Patrick in France.

If you want to run the signal through a stack, you need to use the inserts (the 4 wide slots underneath the wide volume slider section). You have configured no inserts, but only send it to the Fx section, so your dry signal is still present, and that is how it is supposed to be.

A VST Live Stack is an entire submixer. The signal goes through the Input (slider left), then thru 4 Inserts and from there to a) Output (slider) and b) via sends (send items) to the fx channels which are supposed to have their own Insert plugin. You’d usually use the fx channels for reverb etc, along with the processed (in your case: dry) signal.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your help, but here are the results:
I work in Insert from the Global so that the set of titles supports my 3 Plugins.
With 1 Plugin active the sound is messy, crackling, the Midi CC Preset commands no longer work? yet the midi orders are visible in the midi monitor.
With 2 Plugins the CPU is in the Red.
My previous Solution with Fx Works with 3 Plugins with an acceptable Cpu and without crackling and the Midi cc Preset commands are active except this clean guitar volume in parallel.
If you have any advice?
ScreenShoot: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/qfuzi12sazqxjjcbt51ne/h?dl=0&rlkey=i2ef5u4m3p68oo62gcec1hoif
thank you

It depends on what else you use (Layer/Stacks of the selected Song/Part, Mixer inserts etc).
VST Live itself consumes close to no CPU at all for audio processing, it merely processes plugins.
As for MIDI, maybe you assigned those commands in some Actions Category? Those “eat” their MIDI events.
Without further information it’s hard to tell what may go wrong. You may send us your VST Live project file (ending .vlprj), nothing else needed (no audio/midi files etc).

If specific plugins cause high CPU load, it’s also a good idea to search the internet for such occurences.

Good morning Musicullum,

After several tests, it does not work crackling CPU overload … with the plugins in FX mode it works well except the clean guitar in Parallel, a setting that I do not understand ?

either it just lacks an adjustment potentiometer like Left = Dry 100% Midi Dry-Wet 50-50 and Right = Wet 100% or else an “express patch” to cut the Clean sound and only have the Plugin sound so that I can use it VST Live what do you think? if you need a video with the 2 Modes just ask me and upload it to my Dropbox link “SETLIST-Spirit-Distorsion_2023-05-02.vlprj”
Thank you for your help.

My config file is also in Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/qfuzi12sazqxjjcbt51ne/h?dl=0&rlkey=i2ef5u4m3p68oo62gcec1hoif

(Attachment SETLIST-Spirit-Distorsion_2023-05-02.vlprj is missing)

It looks like you still misunderstand the routing of a Stack.
Input → Input Channel (Input fader) → Stack Channel → Stack Channel Inserts (the large slots)
After the inserts
a) “Output” (without Fx channels)
b) → sends → Fx Channels
Then, the 3 channels “Output” and “Fx1” and “Fx2” are mixed together into the resulting mixer channel, that’s the large fader, pan, mute/solo controls.

First, it looks like you want to process your signal trough plugins. So pls forget the Fx Channels for a while. Maybe it’s best to drag both Fx faders all the way down.
Then, use the 4 Insert slots for your guitar effects. Effects usually have a dry/wet mix control themselves. Inserts do not feature a wet/dry control, it’s in their nature to leave that up to the plugins. Just like regular channels in the mixer also have no wet/dry control.
After you understood all that, you can add reverb etc via the Fx Sends, plugins, and controls. That is similar to creating an fx channel in the mixer with a reverb plugin. The “SEND” items send from the processed signal (after the insert slots) to that plugin, and the faders control the amount of fx mixed to the overall Stack signal. You can set send pre/post, and you can bypass fx.
Likewise, you can bypass Inserts as well. So pls start with the Inserts for your amp simultation, compressors, eq etc type of processors which are not supposed to be used as send fx like reverb.

Hello Musicullum,

I’m back on my VST Live project with 3 Guitar Plugins from Neural DSP.
I understood very well the operation and routing of the Fx and Insert, it’s just that with the Plugins in FX everything works correctly for me, except this clear guitar sound in Parallel AAargh … Well, I’m your advice and I no longer use FX either! so I set 3 Neural Plugins in INSERT mode in GLOBAL mode for my entire Setlist. and here are my results:

1/ The commands from my CC000-CC127 Midi pedalboard no longer work (OK in FX mode and in the Midi Monitor).

2/ the 3 Plugins cannot all be active together, let me explain Plugin1 active, Plugin2 active AMP on OFF and Plugin 3 active AMP on Off and the result is that I no longer have his guitar, . if I activate 2 or 3 Plugin and well I have LARSEN! if I deactivate the 3 Plugins I still have this clean sound !

I’m just looking for a solution to play guitar with my Midi pedalboard and my setlist in VST Live.
I note that in “Layer” I have a menu that offers me Midi Input… but not in my INSERT 1234.
In the latest version PDF DOc, I can’t find a solution.
on my Dropbox link you will find: “SETLIST-Spirit-Distorsion_2023-05-02.vlprj”, and a video to better understand my problem to help me find a solution. without that I need 2 Windows PCs and 2 ASIO SOUND Cards, or a Neural QUAD-CORTEX 2000€ pedalboard here in France>> Mamamia!!!
PS: In my Video you will not hear the sounds of the plugins, but only clean sounds but they work well it’s just that Camtasia is not capturing the correct output from my sound card.
Thank you for your help Musicullum.

Good :slight_smile:

There is one program change assigned to Stack 1, Quick Control 1, it expects MIDI Channel 2 only, and most of all, as data1 from and to are both set to the same value (17), all it will ever accept will be a program change 17. This is most probably not what you want. So let us know what you want to acheive and how you approach it.
I see no other commands in Actions and Shortcuts/Global Stack.
Ah, now I see your video. You appear to expect the Stack to receive MIDI Input data (as you show MIDI Monitor input), it does not! Unless programmed via Devices/Actions and Shortcuts, Stack plugs will not receive MIDI data. There is no means to set a direct MIDI Input for a Stack yet.

Again you appear to expect those plugins to receive MIDI (showing their mapping pages), they don’t unless you program it via Actions.

Other than that, it looks as though you have a problem with CPU overload when all plugs are activated. It is hard to say what exactly happens, but obviously those plugs appear to overload your system, you can tell from the CPU display when you activate either.
Also there appears to be a gate somewhere…so try to strip it down, try AmpSimulator just to see if that works, then work up from there.

Hello Musicullum,

I think I have isolated the problem and found a solution:

In Cubase 12:
1/I create a “GuitarClean” In1 and Out-Master1-2 Audio track with Insert 1 “PLUGINClean” Midi Ch1
2/ I create a Track “Midi Guitare1” Midi Ch1 Midi1MySOundCard and to "GuitarClean1
Same for Guitare2 with MidiGuit2 , Same for Guitare3 with MidiGuit3
and it works wonderfully including the CPU.

With VST Pro by doing the same config in the Midi track I don’t have the GuitareClean1 target but Steinberg, Effedt, Midi output and Layers instruments. that’s not cool to me.
Would it be possible to add the Target Insert or Guitar Plugin to a Midi track? in an upcoming Beta version. This would be compatible with Cubase’s way of working, and no CPU overload problem!
Cubase is not suitable for Live!
Watch the Videos and config files in my Dropbox space to make me better understood for you.
I have invested a lot of my time and I hope that we will find a solution together, because on the Forums many are looking for this solution, Ableton, Cubase and other free or paid Daws as well as the Kushview Elements solution, are not made for good. Live and Neural has no solution except are Quad Cortex.
I suggest you make a Tutorial and promotional video on Youtube for Steinberg Cubase/VST Live and the Neural Plugins. I think it’s good for your sales.

Good weekend Patrick.


What is that?

Not quite sure what you mean. Do you expect the audio channel insert plugin to appear, so that you can send MIDI to it? That is on the list, but not implemented yet.

Hello Musicullum,

Yes indeed, I would like to send midi on the sound track of my Guitars/plugins exactly as in my CUBASE Config (See my Dropbox Video).
Do you have to give me an approximate date of this implementation in VST Live?
Because if it’s after June 2023, then while waiting for that, I have to look for another solution for my Live End of June-July-August-Sept.
THANKS Patrick

It should be this year, but most probably not before August, sorry.

Thanks you. Patience…