unable to remove/install Yamaha USB driver 3-30-19

I was unable to update my UR824 yesterday due to what appears to be a missing file. The pop up says it can’t find “UR824 Appliication64.msi”
I was also unable to uninstall my current version of the UR824 application due to this same missing file. Anyone know how this can be resolved?
Thanks in advance.

The installer is looking for that file in order to uninstall the old driver. I had this problem and used this Microsoft utility to get rid of the old install.

That a temp installer file must remain on a users computer over a period of years in order for an update to work is the rudest, user-unfriendliest, out-dated, and ridiculous method around. So stupid. So annoying. So Windows 3.1


That is the case with each and every Steinberg update.

But if a customer dares to write something about it it always is his own fault that an update doesn’t work…

Steve, thanks a million!! that MS support link you provided worked and the new application installed without any other problems.

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Both of those are false statements, period. If you’re crabby, you get crabapples. The issue is not with Steinberg, but with Microsoft.

Thanks for the link!
After a couple of hours I can use again my UR22C with Cubase!

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