Unable to remove Plug-in path

Hello everyone,

I’m using Cubase 6.5.5 64bit and all my third party plug-ins are stored in C:\VST Plugins\64bit.

Most of them will be under the plugin provider name folder. For example, Fxpansion’s Geist and Dcamp plugins are in C:\VST Plugins\64 bit\Fxpansion.

I set the plugin path in Cubase as C:\VST Plugin\64 bit as well as the other Steinberg’s own plugin locations.

But since I installed MAGIX Independence plugin, Cubase added additional path as C:\VST Plugins\64 bit\MAGIX\Independence

While installing each plugins which has many associated files, I put them into a folder with the provider’s name. So I did same with Independence plugin as well.

But I am not able to remove that additional location created my Independence. It is unnecessary and I want to keep things clean and simple. I deleted the application data folder also, but again this location is automatically added by Cubase.

It never happened before. I just did a fresh windows installation, and before that I never faced such situation with Independence.

I would like some help from you while waiting a reply from the support team, which sometimes they reply too late.



Cubase is not causing this. So when you say you are waiting for an answer from the support team, um, you mean you are waiting for the plugin’s support team, right?

Yes, MAGIX. They said they don’t think it is because of plugins. And even I uninstalled the plugin completely, still cubase is not removing that path.

OK. I see that this plugin offers 2G+ of samples. Is this the file that you want Cubase to find in the Steinberg/Cubase6/VST Sound file? And did you move a copy of these files here? And this is on your ‘C’ drive, correct?

Here’s what I’ve experienced with trying to organize files in Cubase. I can place my ‘typical’ sound sample libraries in this VST Sound folder and then I can tell the plugin to look there to find it’s samples. And I can limit the storage of sound samples to this one folder, (although I keep a backup on a different HD). That’s easy.

However, beyond this, there are many different folders that are created by using the plugin and storing a preset, and sometimes there seem to be doubles of these preset folders. I find it maddening to say the least, but I have given up on trying to stop the creation of these folders or to organize them to one particular place. I can’t do it.

My Waves plugins are a unique plugin apparently, not ‘typical’, perhaps just like your Magic, creating a separate folder within my Program files within the ‘C’ drive. And actually, even thought these are 64bit plugins, they are stored in 'C/Program Files(x86)/Waves. My preferences for the Waves plugins are stored in two places actually. I find this storage system very crazy overall, but I just let it go - because - Waves works very well on my DAW. And, in the end, although I cannot tell the plugin where to look for the preset, I can tell the plugin where to look for these sound libraries if they are needed.

Ha, so I feel your pain in regards to trying to organize everything. Like you, you probably found dual Cubase libraries on your computer after an install? I did erase these, as you probably did, too. …I’m not sure it gained me anything, but I at least felt I made the DAW more efficient. :stuck_out_tongue: In the end, I’ve decided that some program writers have elected to make their programs separate from the DAW software. I seriously doubt your complaints will have any impact on the Magic software, BTW, but eh, I totally understand your thinking on the subject.

Hi mr.roos, thanks for your reply and info.

No, I am not telling about the 2gb+ content of MAGIX. I was telling about vstplugin folder. For example, C:\vst plugins\64 bit. And I am not telling about presets as well. You will find the vst plugin path for cubase in Device menu>Plug-in Information then press path. Here, one additional location is being created automatically by cubase just for one plugin.

While installing vst plugins, most of the installer asks you to assign a path where the 32bit and 64 bit plugins should be stored. Some will install to default location C:\program files\steinberg\vst plugins\ for 64 bit plugins. I will later moves these dlls to my location C:\vst plugins\64 bit for 64 bit vsts. In this folder I create a sub folder with the name of manufacturer of that plugin which will have their respective dlls. For example, C:\vst plugins\64 bit\native instruments, C:\vst plugins\64 bit\East West, C:\vst plugins\64 bit\Fxpansion and likewise for Magix, C:\vst plugins\64 bit\MAGIX. Then I just create a vst path in Cubase 64bit to C:\vst plugins\64 bit\ and Cubase will show all the plugins. I am giving example of only 64 bit plugins, 32 bit plugins has its own separate folder.

And while installing MAGIX independece plugin, the installer asked to assign where to store its vst plugins, I created a folder like mentioned above. After this point, Cubase created this folder in the vst plugins path additionally. You will find this in Cubase Devices menu>Plug-in information>Path button. I don’t want this additional folder, I tried to remove that path from cubase as it was to be possible. But it again creates it next time I open Cubase. But when I tried to remove other location cubase removes it fine. Only this location is unable to remove. I even tried to delete the data preferences folder of cubase 64 bit, but again that magix folder alone is created even if the Magix was uninstalled completely without any trace as suggested by Magix.

I also sent a request to Steinberg, and till now no response.