Unable to sample vinyl with Cubase ai 5 + yamaha audiogram 3

Okay so set up cubase and I can hear the vinyl which is being passed into the audiogram 3 and then passed out of the audiogram to my speakers.

-start a new project (empty)
-add a track
-count 1, stereo, L/R
-start playing the vinly (can hear the music in the headphones jacked into the audiogram, and speakers connected to audiogram)
-hit record (a blue bar with two thin flat lines begins to develop)
-hit stop
-turn off monitor (tried with this on and off)
-rewind to beginning
-hit play (hear nothing)

Should the bars be flat? Watching a youtubve video a person recording his quitar had those wavy bar patterns (sorry for the lame lingo)

PS device setup has generic low latency selected
iputs and outputs are set to 2-usb audio cod 1 and 2

Anywa suggestions is appreciated.

Have you downloaded and installed the Yamaha USB Audio Driver from their website?


It should show up in your Device Setup ASIO driver settings.

Also, did you actually record arm the track?

And yes, you want the monitor button off for playback.

And yes, you should see a waveform after recording.

Unless this option is disabled in the preferences

Thank you SP!

I had downloaded the driver but forgot to open the file after downloading.

I thought I had done that because when choosing hte low latency ASIO there was a Yamaha USB option.

But when I pickd it. It said something to the effect of uanable to open or use and insisted on making me choose another option. So I kept picking options till I found one that would allow me to leave the screen.

Thanks, to both of you guys for replying I really appreciate it!

As a side note I have to say what a steep learning curve.

Just getting the licence to run cubase AI 5 was not straight forward and I had to come to the steinberg website for further instructions on how to get the licence.