Unable to see all tracks automatically in Score Editor


Does anyone know if its possible to see all tracks with midi on the score editor as soon as they are created, as in without selecting all the midi in the project window.

I’d like to be able to keep a score there for reference. Logic, for example, has a way of ‘unlinking’ the score editor with the main window so if you clicked on a midi region, it would not be reflected in the score editor.

Thank you!

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Not really. Keep in mind that the Score Editor works on MIDI Parts not MIDI Tracks. So without a Part existing there is nothing for the Score Editor to open.

But you might get close using Macros and perhaps the Project Logical Editor. If all your tracks had MIDI Parts (even empty ones) then you could create a Macro that selects them all and then opens the Score Editor.

If there is a Key Command to create new MIDI Parts (not at my DAW to check) you could try a Macro to create the Track and then put a Part on it. Another possible approach is to Create Track Presets that come with a Part on them. Also in your Templates you could pre-populate all the Tracks with empty Parts.

…also there’s the pref, Editors>Editor Content Follows Event Selection. Turn that off, and open the midi parts you want to see in the score editor, and it will remain unchanged until you invoke Open Score Editor command on a different selection.

Set it up as in the pic for best results: http://i.imgur.com/i4bAbcb.gifv