Unable to select new preset in project logical editor


A bug that I have found in the project logical editor (I use Windows 11) :

  1. Create a new preset in project logical editor
  2. Edit another preset previously created in project logical editor
  3. Try to add the new preset created in the 1rst step in pre or post treatment
    => Not able the find the new preset in the list

The workaround is to restart cubase to be able to see the new preset in the list.


Well, the preset is in the list, but maybe it’s hard to get to. This is part of some new issues with the PLE, after it was improved in other ways. Not a bug, really.

I performed your repro steps:

This is not the list I was talking about. I was talking about this list :

I don’t know what you’re trying to say, sorry.

I simply followed the exact steps you provided.

Sorry if it’s my english that is not perfect but in the point 3, I have specified that it’s in the pre/post treatment list (when I add a post treatment command for example). The issue is not in the preset list but in the list to select a command for pre or post treatment.

That list is not presets.

Not only but it should be present in the list here. I don’t know how to say this but for me, the list of preset should be present in this tree and it’s not the case for a new preset that I just created (it appear correctly after a restart of cubase) :
Capture d’écran 2023-01-02 000413

Are you using an online translator? If not, please do.

I already use a translator. What do you not understand ? The GIF with the repro steps that I made above is not clear ?

Please clarify this sentence.

I need to trigger another preset from the project logical editor after the current preset is opened in the editor. For that, I clic on one of the 4 “+” buttons. In the list that is opened, I can’t see my new preset previously created. The new preset should be listed in the tree after clicked on + button, in the list “Traitement de l’Editeur logique de project” (the translation is probably a thing like “Treatment of logical project editor”.

Is it more clear ?

Now I understand more precisely.

But I still I cannot reproduce what you are seeing.

For me, the preset created in step 1, is available to add from the post-commands list when I get to step 3 of your repro.

Have you tested in Cubase Safe Mode to in order to exclude corrupt preferences problem?

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It was a good idea : I used safe mode by disabling one time my programm preferences. I re-tested and now I can see the new preset in the list.

But it is very strange because I restarted cubase with my “normal” settings after that and now, it works although I did not delete my programm preferences :confused: .

In all case, thank you for your help.

Finally, it seems to be random, I retested with safe mode and now the preset does not appear.
Another behavior I noticed is that when I remove a preset xml file on my hardrive, the preset don’t continue to appear in main preset list but it continue to appear in post treatment list “Traitement de l’Editeur logique de project”