Unable to select rests in bar with partial slash region

Not sure if you’re aware of this problem - couldn’t find a mention of it in the forum.

Video probably shows the problem best - I also tried shift+opt clicking in the video, which I know is for cycling through items at the same position.

I’m afraid this is a limitation of the way that these rests are generated - at a technical level they are different from normal rests and so they aren’t selectable.

Ah okay, that makes sense - I’ll cease my incessant clicking then. I just sometimes have issues when double clicking on the immediately proceeding rest as if I happen to double click where the invisible slash region handle is, the note input cursor gets placed at the beginning of the slash region.

Might be nice if there were, when the “Highlight Slash Regions” option is enabled, to have some indication of where the handle is, as it’s not clear just from the highlighting itself, and I find it often leads to misclicks (this also applies to the other types of regions as well).

I’ve encountered this problem last week, and I must say it’s quite annoying!

Another problem is that any fermatas and caesuras aren’t displayed in a bar with a slash region.