Unable to send completed projects as pdf files through email

The first time I sent an email of a completed project, it was successfully sent but now a few weeks later it won’t go through. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the Dorico for iPad but no difference in the failure to send. Any ideas/suggestions?

Hi Mark! Once you have got a Pdf of your project, Dorico has ended its task! Thus don’t re-install it; you just have to understand why a (normal) Pdf cannot be sent anymore. Maybe it’s too large?

Mail.app sending a PDF is nothing to do with Dorico, as Alberto says.

Size is the usual suspect – how big are the attachments?

Define “won’t go through” – are you getting a bounce back message? What is the error?

it measured 72K which really isn’t that large.


  1. when you export your Dorico for iPad project to PDF, where do you store that .pdf file?
  2. How do you add it to your Mail client before sending?
    These informations will help solving your problem.

How would I find out that information? Is it shown in the Dorico app itself?

Once you tap onto the Share icon (the one with the upwards arrow) and select PDF you are actually handing over a pdf file in a choice of different ways: Either you select the Mail icon (the pdf will be added as an attachment to a newly created email). On my iPad the Dorico window moves a little bit to the side, so I can see this newly created email next/behind in a second window.
Or you tap the Save to Files icon to save the pdf to a place of your choice.
Or you tap Copy, then start either a new Mail or a Message or anything else, where you can paste your pdf file.