Unable to set jump bar alias #dorico

I’m trying to set a pair of alias commands to show and hide voice colors. When I enter one alias code on the key commands page and press “add alias,” then enter the other, I check back to see if the first is still there, and it isn’t. The “apply” button (bottom right) never lights up, so the only option is to close without applying.

Voice Colors is unfortunately not a toggle, but one of three choices. So assign your “voice colors off” alias to View > Note And Rest Colors > None (or Notes Out Of Range, if you prefer).

The point is not using a toggle. I already know that is not possible. Neither of the aliases will “stick.” They disappear even before I close the key commands window.

I see. Quite right. Reproduced here.

I notice that Voice Colors cannot be entered in the Jump Bar explicitly either.

This is evidently because the “apply” button is greyed out (at least for me).

Glad (sort of) that it’s not just me. And yet I can set other alias commands? It seems like the jump bar and alias commands features are rather “swiss cheesy.” I’d love to have a quick way to open the key commands editor quickly, but can’t.

I should mention that I also attempted to add a bogus key command to allow me to press the apply button, but as soon as I did that, the alias disappeared. There must be a bug.

Sadly, you also cannot type this directly into the jump bar and then do the equals_______ trick.

I wonder if someone is keeping track of codes that should work but don’t?

That someone would be Daniel, and I have every confidence that this thread has not escaped his notice.

Me too. Daniel is super!
I hope for the developers’ sake that there’s one blanket fix rather than a bunch of tiny repairs.

At least we can still assign keyboard shortcuts to these menu items themselves.

The issue here is that the jump bar currently only shows those commands that don’t require parameters. This is a bit of a technical detail, but commands like the ones in the View > Note Colors submenu actually internally use the same command with different parameter values used to choose between, say, showing notes out of range or showing voice colours.

However, I agree that it would be good if some of these commands could be accessible via the jump bar, so I will look into making this possible.

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