Unable to share Dorico 5 over zoom/teams

Hello Everyone

The audio is not heard when I share Dorico 5 over zoom/teams etc. I’ve tried every solution I’ve found in every thread and even some other online solutions about this but nothing has worked.

I’m a windows user. My audio interface is the Scarlett 2i2 4th Gen. 12900k, 128gb RAM, 3070ti GPU.

The weird part is all other computer sounds are heard except for Dorico. Musescore works fine as well but I prefer using Dorico. Although I havent checked cubase and I hope the issue isnt present there as well.

I’ve also tried every other solution like

  1. Downloaded, installed, and routed through voicemeeter using some guides I found online. The people in the zoom meeting still can’t hear Dorico. Also a very cumbersome process and I wouldn’t prefer this to be my default set up.
  2. I’ve changed to generic ASIO drivers and ASIO for all. This stops all audio from being heard from dorico including to myself.
  3. Enabled the loopback function in focusrite control and still doesn’t really make any difference.

I’m just not able to find any other settings related to sound in Dorico 5 other than whats in the picture below.

I’m sure the solution is very simple and its just me that’s not able to get my head around the issue.

Any solution to my troubles is greatly appreciated. Would love to be able to share dorico sound through video conferencing applications.

I use Voicemeeter for cases like this (admittedly not your exact use case). Have you tried the Potato?


With Cubase you will have the same trouble, but Voicemeeter is the answer to it, you just need to set it up properly. I can help you if you wish. Send me a private message via this board and we can arrange for a Zoom session.


Thanks Ulf & Andro. @Ulf I’m unable to send you a private message.

In the worst case, you could send @Ulf an email, but what is preventing you from sending him a private message at the moment is likely this…

And welcome to the forum, @vivek.sundar19

(Rather than trusting my memory to give you Ulf’s email, you may find it elsewhere in messages here, or Ulf may contact you directly.)

OBS Studio is free and I think would allow you to easily mix together your mic signal and Windows audio. I use a similar setup with ManyCam, as OBS didn’t seem to work properly with my FujiFilm webcam software (haven’t tested recently), but the principle is the same. When teaching online via Zoom, I need the students to be able to hear my voice from my mic, any audio from Dorico or other audio software (Roon, Transcribe, etc), and hear a Piano VST anytime I touch my MIDI keyboard. I also have a virtual MIDI keyboard at the bottom of my screen so they can see whatever I play too. I use ManyCam to mix all that together then in Zoom select the “ManyCam Virtual Microphone” as my Microphone. All that audio is then routed into Zoom. I imagine OBS could work similarly.

Then instead please mail me at u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de

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