Unable to show repeat X times

I imported a small XML score and tidied it up but for some reason i’m unable to show the repeat count. I’ve checked the engrave settings, as shown. Is there some other hidden setting that hides repeat information?

Check the location for repeat count option is correct…?

thanks- i have that set like that too but no luck

OK. It’s an xml import, so maybe the repeat is a local repeat? Try deleting the repeat barline and replacing it.

done that too.
here, attached, is the file so you can play with it yourself-
multi repeat problem.dorico (961.5 KB)

Stumped. Sorry!

Try deleting and re-creating the start repeat barline at the very beginning.

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There are multiple time signatures at the start of the flow, which is messing things up. I guess this is indeed an artifact of the MusicXML import.