Unable to sign in

to my Steinberg Forum . All of my managers. Suggestions? Cubase 13 pro - latest version. I have all of the latest managers - I even tried to uninstalled - still the same problem. NO Sign in prompt (just a link hanging out - white screen. I am using another computer to type this.

Alan Russell

What are you actually saying?

on my studio computer when I go to the Steinberg forum it asks me to log on I do not have to do that on my other computer so when I try to log on nothing shows up except the link at the top.

That’s how you have it configured then. This is controlled by you , not the forum or Steinberg.

when I click sign in nothing happens.
it just sits there

let me give you a clear example

when I download the Steinberg assistance manager and download the program it asks me to sign in so I click the prompt and it goes to a white screen with the a huge link on top and nothing happens

this also happens with the library manager and the activation manager.

picture below - happens with steinberg download manager - Library manager and activation manager…when going to the Steinberg forum I get the same thing - I know I was automatically logged on…

Special thanks to TIM on a remote session. There is a security issue which I have to examine when using Microsoft Edge, (browser) Window defender settings and maybe one more. We downloaded Firefox and every thing worked. So I have my comparisons to examine with Windows 11’s 2 computers to match them up.

Alan Russell

here is a follow up regarding the automatic login to the Steinberg Forum and My Steinberg account

Microsoft edge still remains a problem while Firefox known as Mozilla doesn’t have the issue with the SIGN IN. I went through many security features for my windows 11 computer and none of them worked maybe I missed something. it has to be my computer that’s causing this issue. any suggestions are greatly appreciated. we could all learn something from this experience.

Alan Russell.

Good News and I hope Time reads this.

“The Windows Time Service” (Must be ON) in Windows 11 solves the other half of the issue when signing in to the Steinberg Forum and signin.steinberg.net

Everything is working.

Alan Russell