Unable to start Cubase 6 - License Error


I’m running Windows 7 64-bit

I just received Cubase 6

I upgraded my Cubase 5 license in the control center and everything worked well.

I installed Cubase 6.
During the install the Elicenser Drivers couldn’t update but the cubase installation did finish.

When I start Cubase 6 I now get the following message : Unknown GetInfo command received:

I think this is related to the ELC drivers that couldn’t update so I tried to install them later

But each time I run the driver installer, it tells me that I need .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0.30319.
That framework is already installed on my system.
I can see it in “Programs and Features” and the version is 4.0.30319 !

I’m stuck with an old 6.0 version of the drivers and I cannot upgrade to v6.1.4 because of that.
This prevents Cubase 6 to start.

What can I do ?


Please install the latest version of the elicenser Control Center. The lateste version can be downloaded from www.elcc.eu Please install the eLCC with Admin rights, and please turn off any background programs like virus scanners.

Please contact our support department if you should still having troubles.



I tried everything.

I downloaded the latest version on the website
I started the install with administrator rights
I rebooted and deactivated anything possible

I just filed a support ticket …


I finally found a solution to my problem
It was related to the .NET FRAMEWORK installation

This cleanup utility cleaned my .NET FRAMEWORK installation
After that, I was able to install the latest Elicenser software