Unable to start trial period with eLicenser

Hey all,

I just downloaded the Cubase 6 trial version, installed the whole thing and entered the trial code number into eLicense control centre (the very latest version). So far, so good. Now, I’m supposed to start the 30 days trial period from within eLicense control centre. However, I keep getting an error message and the trial period does not get started. Im not able to run Cubase 6 and I don’t have a clue what to do next. Any suggestions?



I just started the trial and it did the same think as (what I think) you are describing. It tells me I can use it for one more day, gives me the option to register or activate it, or quit. I just click “start Cubase” and it works. I have been doing that for almost a week now. Halion Sonic SE says in the upper left corner says its good for the 30 days.

I’m not even able to start the trial version of Cubase 6. When I try to do so, a window pops up saying that I have to download the license. However, I have already downloaded the license. In the eLicense control centre the license is shown, but it is also displayed that the trial period has to be somehow started. And this is what I am not able to do, I only get an error message when I try it.