Unable to type note name in Logical Editor

In Cubase 11, it’s impossible to type in the note name in the Action parameter. It only accepts numbers; i.e. if I want to change all C1 notes to C2, it only accepts 2 (doesn’t accept letters).
Previous versions worked perfectly.

I can confirm this, with a twist.

If I create a brand new LE Preset and try to enter C3 it lets me type in “C3” but changes it to just “3” when I hit Enter.

However if I load an existing LE Preset that sets a note to C3 it shows “C3” and I can also edit that value and include the letters just like normal.

Twists upon twists

If you add a Type - Set to fixed value - Note to the Actions, you can set the Value1 with a Note name. The thing is, the first part (Setting Type to Note) seems to eliminate the length of the Note (resulting in a duration of 0 ticks), so you should remove it before Applying the preset. But it works fine even if you remove it.

Otherwise, yes, Values in the Action Target list only accept MIDI Note numbers.