Unable to undo accidental automation change to a group volume

If I accidentally click/swipe and create a dot on a group channel and drag it a little, I can undo the dot but the volume remains at the newly set level.

The most logical thing would be when I undo this everything returns to where it was, but not in Cubase, only the dot is undone not the volume change.

Extremely frustrating as sometimes it take quite a bit of pain and sweat to place an element right in the mix, then one careless click and… bam… you have to start all over instead of just clicking undo.


I would recommend to lock the automation track in case you don’t hide it.

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This is very annoying and persists into Cubase 11.

They should make undo revert to last value when its undoing the first point on an automation track.

I agree. This accidentally happens to me all the time. I wish volume automation didn’t automatically show and that undo worked for the change. If I didn’t know that the value was set at and I haven’t saved in a while it can really mess me up needlessly.

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Is it new in Cubase 11? I don’t think so… Am I missing something?

Hi Martin!
Sorry for taking so long.

No, it isn’t new to C11, what I meant is that this very annoying and last-moment-mix-destroying bug/feature has creeped into cubase 11 from earlier versions.

Very annoying and surely undo should undo the volume Change otherwise it’s not undo…