Unable to upgrade Dorico from education licence


Already started a support inquiry over one month ago, but since I haven’t received much help yet I try it again here:
I purchased Dorico 3.5 Pro about 2 years ago via my institution for the education pricing. During the black week sales last week I pulled the trigger and bought the upgrade to Dorico 4 Pro for 50€. The problem is, I wasn’t able to register the product, so after 2 weeks I wasn’t able to use Dorico anymore, which is really frustrating. So far the german support has been quite slow in answering (ofc also due to the holidays, but since then I only received one answer).
Has someone had the same problem in this forum and could help me? I really wanna use my purchased software…
I’m on a Mac and the elicsenser says I wouldn’t have any upgreable licences…

If you send me a direct message with all the relevant details, I’ll look into this for you. Please tell me your Steinberg ID email address, your eLicenser serial number, and the Dorico 4 update activation code you received when you purchased the update in November.