Unable to upgrade from cubase 9.5 pro to 12 pro

I have recently bought an upgrade for Cubase 12 pro from Cubase 9.5 pro
I received my download access code and inserted it into the Steinberg download manager, it was received successfully and sent me to the eLicenser to continue the process.
however, after choosing my Cubase 9.5 product and continuing I got the error message saying: “at least one of the eLicencers used during this process was disabled and cannot be used for any license transaction”.

Cubase 9.5 still works fine. C-12 says I have no valid license.
in the activation manager, I have the Cubase 12 product with “activation pending” written next to it. I followed the instruction on the Steinberg support but still nothing.

I contacted my local support but they didn’t know what to do so they told me to send a ticket, the replay for the ticket told me to contact info@steinberg.de but after almost a month Im still waiting for a reply, I really hope you could help me out with this.
I have recently received an automatic email that says I have 14 days to complete my activation.
thanks in advance.

I have noticed another thing. on the website under updates and upgrades, it shows the update works on all versions from 4 to 10.5.
however, on the email receipt, it shows that the update works on all versions from 4 to 10.5 except 9.5, it skips right over it from 9 to 10.
is 9.5 not supported anymore? and if so what should I do?

Have you actually downloaded the activation manager? You should have that to activate your computer. There should be no reason you can’t update from 9.5.

Have you activated Steinberg Zero Downtime before?

USB-eLicensers are disabled if they’re reported as lost/stolen via Steinberg Zero Downtime, or if one of the licenses was acquired through fraudulent means. If you purchased a license from someone who’s not an authorized dealer, that could have been it.

thanks for replying. I have the manager, Cubase pro 12 appears with “Activation Pending” next to it. when I followed the instruction given I revived the same error in the eLicenser.

I have never applied for the Zero Downtime.
I have bought the software from an official retailer and never had problems of the sort before…
maybe I got scammed but I find that hard to believe since the 9.5 activation worked fine

I also have a Cubase Pro 9.5 and these kinds of problems/issues (and WORST on the lack of response from Cubase) keeps me and many others hitting that “UPGRADE” button, which means bad business for Cubase…Sad that such a good DAW can not spend time and effort making their support better(to me is equally important)… I remember creating a “ticket” only to have my problem solved not by them. Never got a personal reply.