Unable to upgrade to 7 Pro, stuck in 7 One

I purchased the upgrade from Elements 6 to Pro 7.
I downloaded and installed the upgrade (“Full & Upgrade Pro 7” in the Download assistant) but the installed SpectraLayers opens as 7 elements (Or is it Spectralayers One?), not 7 Pro, and it doesn’t ask the activation code that I was emailed to me, of course.
I’m on a Mac. I’m using Cubase 10.5. so there was no small version of SpectraLayers 7 on my computer.
in the eLicenser Control Center I can enter the activation code and it is recognised as belonging to Spectralayers 7 pro but this doesn’t help because SpectraLayers doesn’t appear on my Licenses, so nothing happens.
What to do?

I’m not sure I understand the issue : you have entered and activated your license in the eLicenser Control Center and it doesn’t show up in the list, or you didn’t activate it ? What happens if you try to enter and activate the license again ?

Hi, my username has changed because after the update of the forum I can’t access my old account, and now I’m a “new” user and so I can’t send you a PM. I didn’t see your last answer because the site was down. So the situation is this: the eLicenser Control Center does not show SpectraLayers. If I use the activation code the Control Center recognises it but I can’t continue because SpectraLayers does not appear.

Hi, yes I was a bit confused by your screenshot which shows some “upgrade” screen.
Can you send me a screenshot of what you see when you launch the eLicenser Control Center and don’t click anything ? It should show your Cubase license for instance.

That’s how it looks like. I don’t understand what the “remaining time” means. It shows everything but SpectraLayers.

Would you be able to make a video capture when you try to enter SpectraLayers activation code ?
Starts when you open the eLicenser Control Center (just like your last screenshot), so I can see every steps.
You can use macOS video capture tool, or your smartphone if it’s easier.

Well, in the activation window, the SpectraLayers Pro 7 icon appears. Then I press Contnue, and get the view of which I sent you a screenshot before. It says’Select Licence to Upgrade’ but the ‘Upgradable Licences’ section is empty, and in the bottom it says “currently there is no licence available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license, Please connect and USB licenser which holds an appropriate licence” - but the SpectraLayers 7 is not an my USB dongle and I don’t know how to proceed.

Ok. I’m wondering if you bought an upgrade license instead of a full Pro license ?
Upgrades licenses are only available if you already own a SpectraLayers Elements version:

SpectraLayers One is different than SpectraLayers Elements, and there are no upgrade paths from One.

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Yes, I owned SpectraLayers Elements 6, and I bought the upgrade licence, the one that’s shown above. I downloaded and installed it and SpectralLayers now opens as 7 One.

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In that case what the eLicenser application is looking for is your SpectraLayers Elements 6 license (in the same screen where you can see your Cubase 10.5 license).
Can you see it there? If not, you need to plug the usb key where your SL6 Elements license is first before you enter your SL7 Pro license.

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Dear Robin,
thank you very much for your for patient help.

I finally succeeded.
It turned out that even though I’d been using SpectraLayers Elements 6 since buying it in February but I had never had the licence on my USB dongle. I found the old activation code from February, and upon entering that, eLicencer correctly downloaded the Elements licence. i was then able to install this on my USB dongle and upgrade it to Pro 7.

Elements Pro 7 is working now!

Thanks again,



Glad to hear that !

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I’m having the same problem, however, I have the full version of Spectralayers Pro 7, and I didn’t upgrade from a previous version. The app reads as Spectralayers 7. But it only launches Spectralayers One. Very confusing. Shouldn’t these be treated as two different apps entirely?

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Can you see a SL7 Pro license in your eLicenser Control Center ?

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I had exactly the same problem.
This worked for me, and I don’t know why this is not specifically shown in the installation instructions.
Go to the email confirming your purchase that you received from Steinberg and check that you have an Activation Code.
Open your e-licencer Control Centre.
Look for the green button labelled, ‘Enter Activation Code’ and click it.
Enter the activation code that you received in the email from Steinberg and download the licence.
Spectralayers 7 Pro will then open with full functions.