Unahppy customer - ur12 sound cutting out, sound dropping, audio chopping

UR12. I’ve had this for a year now and ever since I got it, depending on CPU usage, the audio will drop completely anywhere from 1-40 seconds straight

for the last hour it has been cutting out and going silence atleast 20 times a minute. What is wrong with this damn product? I got the latest driver that was suppose to fix this but it still happens.

I tried all different USB ports, it’s a windows 7 desktop PC. Doesn’t matter what I do the audio just cuts out like crazy. It seems to correspond with CPU usage



This is a driver issue not anything to do with system performance. There are now multiple threads regarding drop outs after the Windows update including myself! Do not waste your time thinking its your system I have tried everything! Just got a Presonus Audiobox as temp interface and it works perfectly on my system. Steinberg needs to fix there driver ASAP! OSX seems to have no issues so this is just a Windows issue. Have tried to reach out to support and got no response…

I had the UR12 and had this issue, what I found was it was the actual usb cable, I changed the cable to allow more power etc to run through it and it fixed the issue, should be the same cable as a samsung charger, I would try that as it fixed my issue.

it won’t be the computer hardware as it takes very little to record with the ur12, as long as you are not running your machine at it’s capacity and then you try to add the interface, it won’t be the hardware.

I would be trying a better quality cable first, you can disable processes not needed to use less CPU but it’s won’t make a difference.
Windows 7 also doesn’t recognize usb 3.0, so if the motherboard has usb 2.0 and 3.o, plug the interface into usb 2.0

i’ll try to find another cable as it’s kind of an obscure one… will report back

Just a note, this is incorrect, and doesn’t apply to the issue in this thread.

I had this problem and yes, for me it was the USB cable, the supplied one simply didn’t work with the UR-12. I swapped it for the rather overspecified one that came with my Roland midi keyboard and everything started working.

For me, the issue was my former wi-fi card. I guess it wasn’t properly shielded, hence caused interference with my audio interfaces (I have the UR12, and the UR22 mk2). Since i have this card: https://www.asus.com/de/Networking/PCEAC56/ , everything works fine… no dropouts, no nothing.

I too have this problem of the UR12 dropping in and out . Tried it on 3 different computers with Nvidia and AMD CPU/GPU combinations with zero luck . It works for a few seconds then cuts out , maybe works for 15 seconds tops , Seems to be utterly random . Tried different cables , external power supplies . Tried an alternative that a friend bought over and that just works . Thankfully in Australia we a “fit for purpose” law and this Steinberg product is going back to the shop for a refund . I have wasted way too much time on this thing .

2021 : Not fixxed. I still have this issue. I can’t be bothered. It’s just making me mad I can’t do anything because the sound cuts out super irregulary.

Thank god the support here is also not bothering. I’m not buying anything steinberg related. That’s for sure.

This is a user forum, and sorry to say it is very very difficult for me as a user to help when I can´t replicate the problem. What I mean is, Steinberg don´t regularly hang out here, which of course is a shame.

I appreciate your efforts: But in no situation should something like this be up to the costumers to fix a problem for a product a company sells. It should be up to Steinberg to look into this (as this has been a problem since the UR22 literally has been released!!!) and provide a solution as SOON as possible. Relying on users to fix their problems via a “user forum” is like basically the same as saying “oh yeah we don’t want to fix it- ask someone else”. Kinda Trash to be honest. I don’t know which other hardware cooperation operates like this as it would leave more costumers mad, unsatisfied and ultimately diminish sales.

Agreed, it should not be up to users and of course it isn´t :slightly_smiling_face: I just wanted to point out that this forum is not an efficient way to contact Steinberg.

same here, I looked for about 30 minutes and tried most things people were suggesting to no avail but changing the USB cabes seems to have worked! thanks a lot!!