Undeletable repeat marker text

I added a “fine” repeat marker to the end of a flow in a large project, and then set the custom text property to read “END OF ACT I” (as well as setting repeat markers to show below the staff in Layout Options).

This worked fine and appeared correctly in all parts, but now that I am working on layouts several weeks later, I have found that I cannot select this text – either in Engrave Mode or Write Mode. If I delete the final bar, the text stays in place on the new final bar!

I’ve exported the flow to a new project and deleted all but one bar, and the text is still there with no way to select it. I’ve attached this cut-down project here.

Short of pasting everything but the last bar into a new flow, how can I get rid of this text?
Undeletable text.dorico (437.8 KB)

I don’t know why, but this works.
Select the final barline and add a new repeat marker (eg DC).
Edit>select more (should select both)
Delete (both will disappear)

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This is an absolutely brilliant workaround! Thank you very much!