Under desk keyboard tray (prebuilt)?

Does anyone have a recommendation for keyboard trays mounted under the desk? Not the QWERTY kind, the MIDI kind, so something big enough to hold a 49 key controller 32" would be great, but I am interested in whatever.

I can drill (it’s a 41" Alvin drafting table), but clamping might be nicer.

I love the custom designs I see here, but I am too unskilled to build it myself, and too cheap to buy one :wink:


You may not like this answer, but you’ll want it to rest solidly when you press keys and so hanging out front of a light Alvin table like that… I would bet you’d dislike as either uncomfortable, wobbly or both. Maybe instead a light and very cheap Z stand that fits under the desk to hold it? It Won’t really take up any more room underneath than a moveable shelf would and it gives you placement options.

FWIW, I have a heavy custom desk with midi keyboard tray, also a heVy two tier X stand, and a lightweight cheap z stand like I mentioned. The desk is the hands down best for writing, though I needed a drafting chair with a wide range of height to use the top and keyboard without my back hurting. I bought the just about weightless z for travel gigs as the “pro” X stand is bulky, heavier, and takes more room. But of the three, the X stand is my favorite for playing comfortably, best adjustment, and doesn’t wiggle like the z does, especially on carpet. But the Z would fit better underneath or to the side if my room was set up that way.

That’s interesting, I hadn’t thought about sneaking a detached stand under the table. The table is actually quite solid and heavy, though good points about the pull out tray – even if it’s just a little wiggly under pressure it would feel weird. Plus I can maybe get 49 keys which would be ideal, I don’t think I can fiind a premade pull out thing wide enough for more than 37 keys.

You could consider the VIVO MOUNT-KB15EB keyboard tray available from Amazon. The tray is 33.9" by 11", and the total length including the clamps is 39.4". I own a narrower version of this keyboard tray for my 37-key MIDI keyboard and think it is very sturdy. Just be sure to do your homework and make sure there is enough clearance for the height of your keyboard; the thicker the desktop, the less clearance is available. My desktop is quite thick and my keyboard fits with just a few millimeters of clearance to spare.