Under My Skin

Hi all,
I had quite a bit of fun with Under My Skin
I don’t give you the words, as they are really minimalist.
It’s about Blood & Bones , and Fresh Flesh…
Enjoy !

Stream 07 - Under My Skin by Stephco | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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That’s very experimental. What I’d love to hear in it is a big kick drum pumping the entire track. Your kick is almost unnoticeable but I can just make out some low thump where one is… make it bigger and sidechain everything too it and BOOM! there you go!!!

Hi mitchie
Thanks for your time listening, and for your input as well.
To be honest, when i started that one, kind of by design, i did choose to NOT have a “big” kick.
When listening to the almost “done” work, i reviewed that option, and decide to keep it “small”.
Now that you are saying that i should reverse the decision, i will give a try, cause i still have everything in mind . Ppart of my routine is to give time between projects, so i still don’t have started a new one.
Also my workflow is easily customizable, i can easily give a try,
By the way, why to you suggest a sidechain approach ? to get a “pumping effect” ?
Again, thanks for your time.

Because if you want the kick to pump the track not sidechain approach, to get the desired level of pump, you’d need to drive the kick hard into the group so that it is the over dominant sound to be triggering the compressor. With the sidechain approach you can pump the track as much as you like without boosting the kick too loud.

I do both, as our kicks are too loud by design. However, I’ll use a sidechained envelope/volume shaper instead of a compressor, for the big pump, this is so we can design/control the release curve of what the compressor would be doing. Then a few stacked compressors on the groups, very low ratio, a few ms open on the attack, 1 fastest release, the other longer for the groove of the beat.

ok, i get you regarding the sidechain approach.
I also understand the Env Shaper thing,
sorry to bother, but can you educate me on why you 'll use stacked compressors vs only one?

I’m far from professional to take my words as a go to but…

The first is so the 2nd isn’t working as hard.

The first is to have a fast release for the faster notes, quick springiness. the 2nd is more for the groove to the kick. I’ll do this on a synth group, a drum group and both of those go into premaster group too, where it’s done again.

The groups is so the synths nicely bop together, the drums nicely bop together, then the synths and drums nicely bop together.

Edit: I have experimented with them in the alternate order, originally I had them the other way round but I’ve been preferring the fast 1 first fora long time now.

Thank again,
I’ve followed your advice.
Didn’t wanted to push too much, but enough to really feel the difference. You can listen here:

Stream Under My Skin Digital (reload) by Stephco | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Hum… frankly, seems better.