Understanding bottlenecks of midi entry

Hi all,

One of the things I have to correct most often is wrong durations in midi entry because I am working too fast. It seems that the program does not catch everything that I do – very often it fails to register changes of duration; not changing at all or a bit later than intended.

I understand that this maybe is a part of the bigger picture with speed problems in Dorico, fair enough, but it would be helpful to understand when to wait for the program so that I can play nice with whatever calculations that are going on.

Anyone who could shed some light on this issue?
It happens both at home where I just plug in the digital piano with a usb-cable, and in the studio where I have a Motu M2 interface.

I would guess that the issue is simply that as your project gets larger and larger, it becomes harder for Dorico to keep up with your input, and although in theory commands should always be processed in the same order they are received, even if there is a delay before they can be processed, notes from your MIDI keyboard and key presses on your computer keyboard are delivered by different routes.

If you can reproduce this problem at will, it would be interesting to see a set of diagnostics captured immediately after you’ve had things processed out of sequence, and to see the project you were working on (including where in the project you were inputting).