Understanding CR in Cubase Pro 12 (I'm lost)

Hi, I’m new to Cubase (been trying it for 30 days, and finally bought it) and am still having a little difficulty wrapping my head around the Control Room functionality. I understand the basic idea of this function in Cubase but the interaction of the various CR Monitor Sets and the Actual Device Ports in Outputs in Audio Connections, CR Monitors, Mixdowns, etc., has me flummoxed. To add insult to injury, on page 471 of the manual, it says:

Monitor channels can share hardware inputs or outputs with another bus or channel. When you create the connections for the monitor channels, device ports that are already used for other busses or channels are shown in red on the Device Port pop-up menu. If you select a used port, its previous connection is lost.

which seems contradictory. The first line says the HW outputs can be shared, yet the last line seems to indicate that only one is allowed. Am I misreading that?

For a home studio, do people actually use the CR, or do they out directly from the busses? I work both in 5.1 and Stereo. I like the idea of being able to use the CR for switching between speakers and phones, and I know I can do that many different ways without the CR using busses and sends (the way I have in the past in other DAWs). The fact that I have to go into Audio Connections to change the Main Mix bus seems to be a hindrance to using the CR. I initially believed that this is what the Monitors tab in the CR did, but it is not. I don’t really get the point of Monitors in CR vs setting Bus HW Outs. Do you not set HW outs on the buss, and control it via CR? Or do you set both? That seems to double your fun (output). I don’t know if this is legacy functionality in Cubase, or is really something people use.

Does anyone have a good YouTube video or resource that might delve into the CR deeper than the manual with a few real-world examples? Any advice or experience with the CR would be greatly appreciated.


These should do it :slight_smile: :

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Thanks for those. SOS is always a good source, although these particular links were a little dated (11 years). For others looking for some answers, I also found two other excellent sources, listed below:

The last one in particular answered all my questions about CR in a logical, no-nonsense fashion.


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