Understanding Cubase ‘Sample Value’.


Would someone kindly explain the following ‘Audio Statistics’ from the bass track of a song I’m currently working on please?

Average RMS (AES-17) Middle; -12.08 dB
Max. RMS Middle; -7.95 dB
Max. RMS; -7.95 dB
Min. Sample Value Middle; 0.00 dB
Max. Sample Value Middle; -0.00 dB
Peak Amplitude Middle; 0.00 dB
True Peak Middle; 0.67 dB
DC Offset Middle; -92.25 dB
Bit Depth Middle; 24 bit
Estimated Pitch Middle; 200.6Hz/G2

In particular the Min and Max Sample Values which both appear to be 0.00 dB

Does this suggest the entire sample is at 0 dB with no volume variation at all?

If so, how come the waveform shows considerable amplitude variation (see image)?

Any help would be gratefully received.

Many thanks