Understanding expression maps

Hey guys,

I’ve been working with expression maps and came across 2 different behaviours:

  1. Some expressions draw a bar on the timeline and every note within this bar will be played using the particular expression (see screenshot).
  2. Some expressions create a little box at the beginning of a single note and only change the expression for this particular note (see screenshot).

I wasn’t able to find a logic why some expressions use method 1 and others method 2. It just seems random. Anyone got a clue why there are 2 different approaches? Is it possible to change them and only use one of these methods to have a streamlined workflow?


After digging a little bit deeper, I found the solution:

Within the “Expression Map Setup” window every articulation can bet set to either “Direction” or “Attribute”. While “Direction” creates a bar and changes the articulation for all notes within, “Attribute” creates the little boxes and only sets the articulation for a single note.

Glad you worked it out. I think most use “Direction” rather than “Attribute.” However, users may use both depending on the instrument’s mapping features/options available.

Also, just as an aside, and you probably already know this, but any Steinberg instrument that has VX in its name has Expression Map keys incorporated into the patch.

Good luck.

Hey Eneco,
thanks for the explanation. I have been working with expresion maps for some time (creating them myself) but I never underestood, what the difference was.
Thanks to you I now know it - and will eventually use it

I have a different problem with expression maps. It seems when playing back a score, the first articulation sounding is the very first articulation in my expression map not the one on my score. This occurs for every track. I vaguely recall something about putting some kind of initialization on each track ahead of the actual score. Anyone have this problem or is it just me (again!)?

I thought that was fixed, but maybe not :confused:

Anyway the workaround is to create an empty Slot at the top of the list of slots without any articulations on it so it defaults to doing nothing. You can just add a slot at the end and drag it to the top.