Undesirable behavour - audio editing in playback autoscroll

With scroll turned on and Cubase playing in the project window. …

Hold an Audio part with the mouse that you would like to move. If Cubase scrolls past the window and flicks the project on the Audio part under the mouse will skip over to the next screen area. In previous versions of Cubase I’m almost certain this didnt happen.

Wouldnt it be more sensible if cubase senses a user holding a part it disengages autoscroll and stays on the window where the user has the Audio part held by the mouse? Is this the behaviour in other versions of Cubase?

Not @ my DAW now, but if I recall correctly the auto scroll should halt when you highlight a part in the main window. I gues holding a part is only half the process of highlighting. Releasing/ dripping and then grabbing the part again should properly highlight it and halt the autoscroll feature.

Hope this helps