Undesirable rests in drum set part

This is in a Drum Set Part:

When I have a slash region and actual notes in the same bar, they are (or are acting as if they are) in 2 different voices. The result (see attachment, 1 before B and 4 after B) is undesired rests padding each of these measures.

The same thing happens when I have Hi Hat and Snare Drum in the same bar — different voices, and unremovable rests. (This one may be because I still don’t thoroughly understand percussion groups yet—I’ll keep working on that.)

I’ve tried the three things that usually work — Remove Rests, Starts Voice, or set the color of the rests to zero opacity — but none of them has any effect.


Thanks, as always.

Unfortunately you can’t edit rests in percussion kits. You can generally get around this limitation by switching the voice of some of the existing material, as additional voices don’t get padded with rests in the same way.

Ok, thanks.