Undesired behavior guitar tab parentheses

Hi team!

Adding a bend or Jazz gliss also adds additional TAB items (parenthesized numbers), is there a way to avoid that? I THINK I have the correct engraving options set…
Dorico Tab 2

Another example:
Dorico Tab


I don’t think there’s any way to avoid this, no: Dorico needs the tab number to appear so that the gliss can be drawn in the right spot.

Daniel, I understand.

Still, I feel the underlying issue is about the nature of TAB itself.
See, the way I use and explain it to students is, that TAB is needed to overcome the guitar’s greatest complication, the ambiguity of pitch vs. position on the fretboard.
In my opinion and practice, it could prove beneficial to separate musical information like performance instructions or ornaments (gliss, et al.) or bendings from the TAB information completely.

Therefore, here’s my feature request of the week :wink::
Have an option to not display or, in many cases duplicate any information in the TAB staff that is not immediately relevant to where the player needs to put a given finger down on the fretboard.
This would eliminate in the TAB staff ties, slurs, ornaments, slash notation, and many other items I can’t think of at the moment.

In my attached example above, this would leave a single number “15” in the beginning and have the release arrow end in an empty space, which would be okay, since the finger never leaves that 15. fret!
In the second example, the gliss. slide simply wouldn’t need to be duplicated, since it’s already indicated in the notation. And so a simple, single “14” would suffice.

This would make for a very clean and functional TAB staff.

Thanks for all your hard work,