Undesired "stickiness" for multiple items input [SOLVED]

When setting Dorico to “Allow multiple items to be created with the mouse” and “Load cursor with item”, a user could create, for instance, several p’s, then switch to mf and create a few, then f, create a few and so on. With hairpins, however, it seems that drawing in a few crescendos, (<) then trying to switch to diminuendos (>) is not possible, as the hairpin is stuck on the first one. When you click on a different hairpin it looks selected, but will instantly switch back to the first when clicking in the score, which is what ends up being input. Is this a bug?

Also, if memory serves me, the cursor used to load the item and it was visible while moving the cursor around the score. Has this changed in the latest version? I don’t see the loaded cursor, just the normal arrow.

I’m unable to reproduce the problem you describe: when I choose another hairpin, the pointer shows the appropriate hairpin, and that is indeed what’s created in the score. Does the problem persist after restarting Dorico?

Restarting Dorico fixed the issue.
(Edited 1st post to “SOLVED”)