Undetected Tempo from Pro Tools

Hi all.

I am having a problem using audio files inside Cubase. Basically I recorded a rock band using Pro Tools couple of days ago and I dragged the audio files inside Cubase Pro and the song’s speed is absolutely slow…a mean really slow.
I have changed the BPM on transport bar, stretched the wav tracks and not much difference.

I recorded with standard 120BPM within Pro Tools but once inside Cubase it is absolutely slow.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you all/

Is it just the speed, or also pitch? Samplerate mismatch once again…?

Actually the pitch is heavily affected as well.
It’s sounds slow even if I increase the BPM to it maximum.

Open the pool and make sure the bpm for each file is set correct.

Make sure your samplerates match

Hi Guys. I think I am getting there.

Basically I had to use Musical Mode and changed the algorithm to Elastique Pro - Tape also I increased the BPM to high number 264BPM. o.O Really different from to the one I recorded (120.68).

When I listen the vocal on windows media player/iTunes it sound absolutely perfect but once I drag the files inside Cubase everything get really slow and the vocal’s pitch is heavily affected. So I applied the above changes and it seem to work just ok

What else could I do to have it playing right inside C8?

Thank you

Make-sure musical mode is turned off. As in this mode cubase will try to match the file tempos to the project. Also make sure that the cubase project sample rate is the same as the sample/stem files. Good luck

Open the pool and in the list of audio files it should tell you the sample rate. 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz etc

Make sure both your Cubase project AND your audio interface are set to the same rate.

Using musical mode and tempo change to correct for this is definitely not the way to go.

I have to admit that was my mistake. I had my audio interface in different sample rate from audio files. :blush:
I simply dragged the files and allowed C8 to convert it to 44.1khz and happy days.

Thank you all