Undetected transients and hitpoints

Hey folks,

In my recent project i was working on a drum track and to my surprise some transients were not detected by the editor despite putting the threshold on the lowest level (ex: double tom strike, only the second tom is detected… is there a way to add a hitpoint if its not detected by the system?

You should probably read the part of the manual titled “editing hitpoints manually” then you will see how to add them, how to move them and how to delete them. :slight_smile:

I know how to move transients and add them by clicking on the upper triangle… but my question is what if there is no upper triangle… how can i manually add a transient.

So you’re not prepared to read a very short section of manual that answers your question?

So i figured it and thought i’d be helpful to ther community unlike Mr. Grim who couldn’t bother telling me that you only need to press Alt then click while in hitpoint edit mode… thanks for nothing Grim… and not it wasn’t two lines i had to go through two pages for this little hint…

Hmmm… at a hit rate of 550 thanks for 3,599 posts I’d guess Grim is a pretty helpful guy (leaving aside the fact that those of us who come here often witness it first hand anyway).

I expect you’re a bit crabby because you’re so tired from all that effort.
Maybe you read 2 pages but the answer was on the first page of the section that I named for you to take you straight to it…thank goodness those pages were mostly pictures or I guess you’d need a holiday to recover. :laughing:

Hahahha yeah actually the manual can be helpful :stuck_out_tongue: so thanks for pointing me that way :stuck_out_tongue: