Undo accidental time-stretch from previous session?

Yes, it was a long day and I accidentally used the arrow tool which applies time stretch to three tracks, OH R, hihat and Snare, and I didn’t even notice until today when I listened to the audio export. It was a tiny shift, so it was like parts of the drum kit was getting uninged.
Anyway, I googled for 3 minutes, couldn’t find the answer so i reset the tracks manually, which was a pain as I had to make up a way undo my own mess.
So, is there a way to undo time stretch that has been applied to a project that has been closed at least once since the stretch was done? I’m guessing there might be, but I can’t find it even now that I’ve sorted my mess and am once again calm.

What kind of tracks are these, audio?

If so, the original files should still be in the pool. Just drag them out again.

Aaaah, that’s what I should have done, thanks! I’m not even vaguely familiar with the pool, but I will dive into it during the weekend:)

Ctrl-P by default…the pool is most useful in situations like this!