UNDO bug with AmpliTube and small request

Hi. I’ve noticed of late that undoing an edit to an audio track (eg snip or erase) has caused AmpliTube to stop working, whether it is routed via Inter App or via Audiobus 3. The audio track input still shows AmpliTube, but the connection is broken, and the guitar can no longer be heard or be recorded on the track, without closing AmpliTube and reconnecting it to Cubasis. I keep hoping the latest Cubasis update will fix it, as it can really slow down the workflow, and it seems to come directly from the undo command in affecting the other App. Also, there really, really needs to be a way of filing projects in the media window. I was an early adopter of Cubasis on iPad and have many many projects on the go, for various purposes; scrolling through them all each time to find the one I need is a real pain. I’ve seen this mentioned before on here, hopefully it’s getting up the list now in terms of being close to implementation as the better the software gets and the more time rolls on, the worse this issue gets. Thanks.

Hi Tedbloggs,

Thank you for your message.

I gave AmpliTube CS for iPad a short check with Cubasis 2.1.8 on the iPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen (iOS 12.3.1):

  • Cubasis project with a MIDI and audio track
  • Create an audio track via TrackFreeze
  • Assign AmpliTube CS to audio track via IAA, fiddle around with effects settings
  • Split audio file and delete parts from it
  • Tap UNDO/Redo button various times to undo and redo settings

So far, things work as expected here.
Please let me have further details how to reproduce the issue.


Hi. I’m on an IPad Air 2, with latest versions of Cubasis and AmpliTube. With InterApp I usually record three or four tracks of audio, and then tidy them up by splitting and erasing chunks of the events. Once I undo any of these edits to the audio events It is not possible to record again without clearing the audio input and reopening AmpliTube. What you describe in your message is pretty much the workflow I use, but some of the audio files can be several minutes long. As it’s only started happening recently I assume it’s either an update issue (it happens with audiobus 3 too) or alternatively a volume of data thing, as I have probably 50 songs built up like this with drum loops, guitar tracks, Fx and post-processing aside from any midi programming.

I am also on latest iOS 12.3.1