undo bug ?


i have more and more undo bug where i have to close/restart nuendo.
Maybe it’s that specific session i’m working on (?) but when i start it undo works fine… and i had that bug on previous sessions. But as i am working with templates… i wonder if my template session has that problem where i end up having undo bugs every where.

I look in forum about it and i see posts for dorico… not much for nuendo.
please tell me if you guys have this.
At one point UNDO in EDIT menu does not work like there is no action to undo at all.
i see my pref/general maximum undo steps = infinite
use undo branches (ticked)
next time i have the bug i’ll check how this is set. (i don’t see keycommand that would mess these settings)

ok i get it. it’s not an undo bug. it’s connected with the automation write bug.
automation is stuck on W even if playback is stoped so UNDO function is not available while automation is beeing written.