undo button on toolbar?

Hi, how do I get an undo button placed on the toolbar?

cheers Oscar


Just the same way as any other button, that can be displayed in the toolbar. By right clicking in the toolbar and selecting it as visible…

Well that is not correct. In fact, I found out cubase can’t do it! Can you beleive that? After 7 versions?

After a few weeks of owning this software, my evaluation is that cubase is quite good at difficult tasks, but it lets you down on the easy stuff.

I forwarded some suggestions to support, but no word yet. All in all I’m disappointed.


It is correct that all buttons that can be displayed in the toolbar can be made visible by right clicking in the toolbar…

Ok ofcourse you’re right about the way to put buttons on the toolbar in general. But the point is I want the undo button on the toolbar, and cubase can’t do it.

cheers Oscar